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Capteur de position du nord du trouveur 10000H de compas gyroscopique de grande précision de 1A MEMS

$8,500.00/Pieces >=1 Pieces
Capteur de position du nord du trouveur 10000H de compas gyroscopique de grande précision de 1A MEMS
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Utilisation: Capteur de position
Théorie: Capteur de capacité
Sortie: Capteur de Digital
taille portative de trouveur du nord: 5.8*6.8*8.45CM
exactitude statique: 0.2°
exactitude de conclusion du nord: 0.5°
Exactitude de cheminement: 0.2° (peut la version 0.1°/min adaptée aux besoins du client)
Tension locale: 12V
Travail actuel: 1A
Interface de données: RS422
La température fonctionnante: -40°C - +70°C
Température de stockage: -55°C - +85°C
Moyenne des temps de bon fonctionnement: 10000H
Port: Shenzhen

trouveur du nord de compas gyroscopique de 1A MEMS


Trouveur du nord de compas gyroscopique de grande précision de MEMS


chercheur du nord du compas gyroscopique 10000H

Informations de base
Lieu d'origine: Guangdong, Chine
Nom de marque: RION
Numéro de modèle: MF100
Conditions de paiement et expédition
Détails d'emballage: 1pcs trouveur du nord dans chaque boîte intérieure, 20pcs/ctn
Délai de livraison: 5-10 jours de travail
Conditions de paiement: T/T, L/C
Capacité d'approvisionnement: 10000 morceaux/morceaux par Le trouveur de Norther de mois sont disponible
Description de produit

Cheap High Accuracy MEMS Gyro North Finder Factory Price 


1.1 Introduction

North finder is mainly used to find true north automatically. After get heading angle, if north finding inertial navigation start to move, it could output continuous changing dynamic tilt angle and heading angle. Polaris-II uses low speed drift MEMS gyro to find north, built-in IMU is used to measure tilt angle and direction reckoning. It has features of miniature, low power consumption, long usage life, high reliability.



1.2 working principle


MF100 micro gyro north finder can get the angle of reference line to earth axis true north. MF100 use very low speed drift MEMS gyro in industry, so it is small, low power consumption, anti-shock, long time working life and high reliable, etc.

The wide temperature monitor could display true north angle and two axis inclination data in real-time, it could enter real-time heading relative measuring mode after once north finding(there is 0.1deg/min drift under relative measuring mode, advice: find north again after 10 minutes), it is for coal mining industry true north finding specially. Aviation plug is equipped, real time serial data could be got by upper computer for later analysis.

Current portable measuring equipment depend on digital compass. While digital compass is easily subjected to electromagnetic interference, usually it could not measure the heading angle precisely of the equipment relate to earth magnetic field and magnetic declination is hard to compensate. And GPS or flexible gyro is usually very big and heavy, or its anti-impact performance is not qualified on site, still they are not portable.


1.3 Features

  • reliable,IP65
  • low power consumption,24V,0.5A
  • not affected by magnetic interference, do not depend on satellite
  • portable, size 5.8*6.8*8.45CM
  • measure static roll and pitch, static accuracy: 0.2°
  • static true north finding, 1σ north finding accuracy 0.5°secΦ(Φ local latitude)
  • after finding north, measure carrier dynamic roll and pitch angle, heading angle dynamic accuracy0.1-0.3°/min(optional)


1.4 Application

  • weapon equipment
  • equipment calibration
  • construction
  • well and tunnel measurement


Item MF100 MF101 Remark
North finding accuracy secφ (φ local latitude) 0.5° 0.35°
North finding time ≤ 6min 1°(3min version)
Tracking accuracy 0.2° 1 min
Working voltage 12V ±1V
Working current ≤1A  
Series port RS422  
Working temp. -40°C - +70°C  
Store temp. -55°C - +85°C  
Size 58*68*84.5mm  
Surface material Aluminum alloy  
Weight 500g  
MTBF 10000H  

Company Information


RION Technology Co., Ltd. is located in a fantastic city - Shenzhen. Our company is

a high technology company that integrates research, development, production and

sale, and is mainly engaged in the sale of inclinometer sensors, digital compasses,

digital dipmeters and acceleration sensors. These products are widely used in many

industrial control fields, such as automobiles, ships, airplanes, railways, medical facilities,

dam safety monitoring, oil drilling, coal mining and ocean surveying. Our company has

established good business relationships with many international famous companies.
We adhere to the service guideline of "Client-centered". "Client uppermost, credit first,

service best" is our business philosophy. Our company provides accurate, efficient,

civilized and complete services for clients.
Let us provide you with the best products. To save purchasing cost and time, contact us now.



Capteur de position du nord du trouveur 10000H de compas gyroscopique de grande précision de 1A MEMS 5

Capteur de position du nord du trouveur 10000H de compas gyroscopique de grande précision de 1A MEMS 7





 Capteur de position du nord du trouveur 10000H de compas gyroscopique de grande précision de 1A MEMS 9


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